Learning Strategist Blueprint for Success

The Learning Strategist's blueprint for success and why you need one

Why should you get excited about learning strategy? If you love scrolling social media like me, you may have seen the term appearing more frequently in recent years. For me, the principles of learning strategy are fairly simple.


It’s there to help your organization to meet its goals and objectives, by ensuring your team has the right skills to be successful. If done effectively, a well-defined learning strategy can guide your decision making and ensure that resources are used effectively to support your business needs. In addition, it’s specifically tailored to your organization and learners, to make sure that any program is relevant, meaningful and engaging.

Think of it this way. If I want to buy myself a new Birkin bag, that’s special to me because there are only a limited number. It feels exclusive, valuable and therefore more personal. Likewise, there is no one set of learning principles which will apply to all of your learners. Your learning strategist can help you to navigate those differences.

Bain, the author of Super Courses, contends that adult learners can benefit significantly from engaging in purposeful, authentic learning experiences tailored to their needs and goals in addition to the organization's learning objectives.

Think of your strategy for learning and development like you would your plan for financial success or building your credit to purchase your home. It’s that long-term thinking about what you want to achieve that is your blueprint for success.

A clear learning strategy gives you five key benefits:

  1. Improved employee productivity:
    By providing employees with effective learning strategies, businesses can help their employees learn new skills and knowledge more efficiently, which can lead to increased productivity.

  2. Competitive advantage:
    By investing in learning strategies and providing employees with ongoing learning opportunities, businesses can stay ahead of their competition and maintain a competitive advantage.

  3. Improved employee retention:
    Providing employees with opportunities to learn and grow can help to improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover.

  4. Increased innovation:
    Learning strategies can help employees think critically and creatively, leading to the development of new ideas and innovations.

  5. Greater adaptability:
    In today's rapidly changing business environment, businesses must adapt and respond to new challenges. Learning strategies can help employees acquire new skills and knowledge quickly, enabling the company to stay agile and adapt to change.

My role as a learning strategist is to help you determine your road to successful learning interventions that are innovative, meaningful, and invaluable to your employees and organization. You may think that obtaining a strategist’s services is an extra expense you don’t want to incur. Contrarily, an experienced strategist can help your company save money in the long run because your training will align with your business unit goals and objectives in a way that is well- planned, impactful and executed with purpose. Likewise, that will help your learning programs to be more sustainable solutions and easier to adapt for the future.

When you’re scrolling social media, you may be more interested in the latest cell phone than a Birkin bag, but we all want to feel that when we invest in something, it’s personal to us and has a long-term benefit, just like great learning. Every situation is unique and a strategist can help bring your unique needs to life!

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